Life's Journey is a mural of Threads.

The threads of my mural are influenced by my spiritual practices, personal values, the love of friends, and special people that have been my guides. They are strengthened by my husband's love and support. The colors are brilliant with the influence of my enthusiasm for continued exploration for meaning and truth.

My threads will continue to weave their unique patterns as I explore life's roads, paths, alleys, and avenues. My beliefs will provide many hues as I continue search for a personal meaning of my existence. Artistic challenges and accomplishments will add the sparkle!

The colors radiate the pulse of my life. There is a rhythm to the design. I have danced, whirled and twirled, even stumbled, but, I do have style!

I am excited about sharing the developing design with you through this Blog.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Storytelling - Sharing our Life Stories

I am interested in creating a Storytelling Group.  I would like information from others that have started a group or participated in a Storytelling Group.

 For over 20 years I walked the narrow corridors, rode creaky elevators, wandered through dusky basements called the ER, and all the time carrying personal tools of medicine. These were very special instruments that not only identified me, but calmed my thunderous soul as I made my hospital rounds as charge nurse in a large medical hospital.

 -----With age comes accumulated experiences of human kind, seasoned with animals, and the whispers of the little folks....I want to share this wisdom with others and hear their hearts song.

......Perhaps I have fallen in the rabbit hole to discover new tools and different instruments for my next journey?

So please allow me to share my Life Quote:

" An unexpected encounter may connect one more firmly with the meaning of life..."

Are there treasures to be discovered as I turn to walk this path?

Remember Clotheslines?  The fresh fragrance of sun and wind in the fabric?  The frozen sheets in early Winter....A story filled with toil and truths.  A true experience!

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  1. hello, after viewing your blog, i have nominated you for the liebster award. for more information, read the liebster blog post on my blog.