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The threads of my mural are influenced by my spiritual practices, personal values, the love of friends, and special people that have been my guides. They are strengthened by my husband's love and support. The colors are brilliant with the influence of my enthusiasm for continued exploration for meaning and truth.

My threads will continue to weave their unique patterns as I explore life's roads, paths, alleys, and avenues. My beliefs will provide many hues as I continue search for a personal meaning of my existence. Artistic challenges and accomplishments will add the sparkle!

The colors radiate the pulse of my life. There is a rhythm to the design. I have danced, whirled and twirled, even stumbled, but, I do have style!

I am excited about sharing the developing design with you through this Blog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Whisper, a Cry, a Scream

I read the article, Victims of Sexual Violence in Zambabwe. I am increasing my awareness of violence against women.... Please, view 03/11 post on Darfur -Scroll Down

03/22/2009 - "Just after sundown in early June, Margaret was getting ready for bed in her home in eastern Zimbabwe. Rifle-wielding youths in fatigues burst into her home....the soldiers beat and raped her repeatedly." J. C. Zuckerman, Victims of Sexual Violence in Zambabwe.

I started to think about the impact of the current economic environment on families in the United States. I discovered there is an increase in domestic violence with concern about an increase of child abuse. There is also a concern about economic abuse on the family.

03/13/2009 - "More than 80% of Illinois police chiefs believe the failing economy could lead to more cases of child abuse and they are asking Gov. Patrick Quinn to come up with more funding for child abuse prevention programs." Sun-Times Staff Reporter

03/19/2009 - "While we tend to focus on the physical abuse in domestic violence cases, as the economy worsens, women need to be aware of economic abuse -- when the abuser uses some one's lack of financial independence to keep them trapped in an abusive relationship." Matthew ScottFiled under: Money Talks

I want to be do something....I am building my knowledge base with the realities of the atrocities that are occurring and the potential of increased violence. Next? I am searching.....I do know, I want to educate people to the realities and discover what we can actively accomplished.


  1. Dear Jan, I have attended a lecture on this type of atrocity (children being held as sex slaves in Thailand and all over the world). It is very difficult to make headway and I applaud your effort to educate others. I recently read a news article about "Doctors without Borders" having been sent out of Darfur. The woman who spoke at the large lecture stated that even though the women attending wanted to help, they would not help due to laxity. No one followed up on the listing of names left to contact. I feel there is no recourse for me other than to keep on praying. Bless you. Always, Barbara

  2. This is a great post. I added the link to the post showing your newest donations. Thank you for all you do for this cause.
    Thanks again for your newest dolls and for another sponsoring and beautiful bookmark. You are so sweet.