Life's Journey is a mural of Threads.

The threads of my mural are influenced by my spiritual practices, personal values, the love of friends, and special people that have been my guides. They are strengthened by my husband's love and support. The colors are brilliant with the influence of my enthusiasm for continued exploration for meaning and truth.

My threads will continue to weave their unique patterns as I explore life's roads, paths, alleys, and avenues. My beliefs will provide many hues as I continue search for a personal meaning of my existence. Artistic challenges and accomplishments will add the sparkle!

The colors radiate the pulse of my life. There is a rhythm to the design. I have danced, whirled and twirled, even stumbled, but, I do have style!

I am excited about sharing the developing design with you through this Blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday was our FUN DAY! My dear husband, Don, and I traveled to the Mall to walk around and see all the beautiful decoration, Santa and the little ones, the shoppers, and buy some extras. We left Boulder City at 11a.m. We had lunch at the Mall and started to drive home when we heard the "pass" to Boulder City was closed because of the snow.
We decided to go to the movies and wait...we imagined everything would be clear by 5 pm...we made three attempts to get through the pass. The last try was at 11pm. The lines of traffic and so many trucks, three lanes bumper to bumper! We are a desert and do not have the equipment to clear the snow! The hotels filled up quickly. We stayed with Don's Sister in Henderson. This mornings weather report stated there were 8 inches of snow in Henderson. Boulder City had 4 inches.

Our Fun Day really offered a challenging experience. It was so beautiful and unbelievable. The snow on the mountains was so beautiful. There were children in a park sleigh-riding! Heavy jackets, mittens, and snow boots are not common attire for kids here! . The red sleds brought back memories of my own and the neighborhood children sleigh-riding many years ago. It was so lovely to see every one's reaction to the snow.

The night away from home did not stop me from enjoying lunch with friends today.

It was so enjoyable to relax and enjoy the company.


  1. Well that sounds like a fun time! Glad you stayed put and didn't try to drive in that weather! You must have sent the snow my way as right now if I look out the windows it's like looking into a huge roll of white cotton - you can't see anything as it is snowing so hard! Pretty but...

    Keep warm!

  2. Hi, thanks for linking to my blog--love your "web of life" quotes and may use them!

  3. Oh Jan, how exciting for you seeing the snow! Don must have loved it too. Seeing your photo makes me miss you so. I hope your visit is going well with your friends. Much love is sent your way.

  4. Thanks SO much for the Random Act of Art-Kindness, Jan, and I hope you are having a lovely holiday!!!