Life's Journey is a mural of Threads.

The threads of my mural are influenced by my spiritual practices, personal values, the love of friends, and special people that have been my guides. They are strengthened by my husband's love and support. The colors are brilliant with the influence of my enthusiasm for continued exploration for meaning and truth.

My threads will continue to weave their unique patterns as I explore life's roads, paths, alleys, and avenues. My beliefs will provide many hues as I continue search for a personal meaning of my existence. Artistic challenges and accomplishments will add the sparkle!

The colors radiate the pulse of my life. There is a rhythm to the design. I have danced, whirled and twirled, even stumbled, but, I do have style!

I am excited about sharing the developing design with you through this Blog.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Close to Water Again!

I spent my adolescent years on Orange Lake. This wonderful Lake in the Hudson Valley offered water-skiing, sailing, swimming, ice skating, and even ice boating. I have many dear memories of parties in the cove, ice skating at night and the deep sounds of ice shifting. Our children grew-up on a rippling trout-feed stream off our patio. We tubed the rapids and even had a rope swinging from a large oak to jump into the deep waters. Twin Lakes offered our children through their teen years a wonderful place to swim and learn about the nature that surrounds of a country lake. It was fun to row close to shore and watch the frogs leap into the water. What a grand chorus in the dark! They enjoyed fishing and the geese that landed every spring! Our time in Savannah offered a marvelous apartment over-looking the Savannah River. BIG vessels would arrive in port every few hours with their cargo from foreign countries. What a breath-taking site to see the ships go past our second-floor home.

The desert has been our home for near 15 years. Albuquerque was very barren. An hours drive provided flowing waters and opportunities to wade in the depths of the river. We now live in Boulder City. We moved from our motor home to an awesome house that over-looks Lake Mead! Water again.

I am posting pictures of our home for the many friends and relatives that live on the East Coast. I miss them so much, but for a year we have decided to be here. Don drove a 26 foot Penski truck AND pulled 16 foot U-Haul trailer of all our processions that had been in storage for nearly two years. We are still recovering form the ordeal even though we hired helpers in Albuquerque. We have spent the past month unpacking with approximately 30 more boxes left. I am thrilled with all my (over 50 boxes) art supplies that were stored. To touch and feel the energy of so many art pieces shared from so many of you. I will treasure them and not pack them away ever!!

Our back windows! We constantly view God's glory. There are mountains on the right and left of our home with the Lake in the center. So meditative. I have my blue chair in the loft that faces the water. It is a wonderful area to
meditate. Early morning is my fondest time to look at this majestic image and read from a selection of books I keep near. I have many treasures in my Mother's bookcase. A sacred space.

Looking over our loft is our living room. Don is proud of his framed T-Shirt! Don participated as a volunteer in the 1996 Summer Olympics. The yachting events were held off Tybee near Savannah. He won the Hane's promotional T-shirts for the count-down to the event. He won the auction on his birthday! Here is the incomplete dining room. I show this as an appreciation to have our family harvest table with us again. The open windows provide lots of light for me to sew .

One more picture to share: I am thrilled to have a bathtub! After near two years in our beautiful motor home with only a shower it is a DELIGHT!

We are blessed to have such a beautiful home for this year. We do miss our family, grandchildren, and friends back East. We have plans to return to the East Coast. Time, health, and finances will influence our decisions when. We are grateful for this opportunity to explore our possessions and simplify our life. We have collected so many treasures through our years. It is time to share and disperse our life collections.

If you travel to Las Vegas, Boulder City is 30 minutes away! There are no casinos in Boulder City. Only sidewalk cafes, antique shops, and the Boulder Dam with beautiful boating opportunities on Lake Mead. Do visit!


  1. WOW what a Beautiful way to wake up to that view everyday

  2. This is gorgeous Jan, thank you for sharing! I love early mornings too and what a site you have! Splendid. I am thrilled for you. When can I visit?

  3. Jan, this is wonderful! I am so pleased for you to have your home again. I am happy to see the fabric and sewing set up. Can't wait to come and visit. Thank you for the beautiful raku art. We love it and are displaying it in my studio.

  4. Oh Jan, this seems worth waiting for - looks absolutely fabulous! I may just take you up on your offer!@
    Thanks for posting the photos!

  5. Ahhhh- It looks SO refreshing and lovely!
    You must be in HEAVEN with all of that space and natural light!
    It all looks NICE!

    Thank you for joining the charm fundraiser swap!
    You are a true friend!

    Relax and ENJOY your new life!
    Wishes for healing and peace!
    Amber Dawn