Life's Journey is a mural of Threads.

The threads of my mural are influenced by my spiritual practices, personal values, the love of friends, and special people that have been my guides. They are strengthened by my husband's love and support. The colors are brilliant with the influence of my enthusiasm for continued exploration for meaning and truth.

My threads will continue to weave their unique patterns as I explore life's roads, paths, alleys, and avenues. My beliefs will provide many hues as I continue search for a personal meaning of my existence. Artistic challenges and accomplishments will add the sparkle!

The colors radiate the pulse of my life. There is a rhythm to the design. I have danced, whirled and twirled, even stumbled, but, I do have style!

I am excited about sharing the developing design with you through this Blog.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Autumn is my Favorite Season!

The beautiful colors of the Northeast every Autumn offer such an array of nature's inherent talents!  I enjoy the glow of golds, bright oranges, and brilliant  reds of the Maple Tree.  The White Birch have a soft yellow with distinguished veins of gold. 

Whether you choice is to walk through a forest  of  color or to select one to appreciate its individual profile  I  do believe Fall is the season of true recognition of the life's rhythms. 

I currently reside in the desert!  The seasonal changes are subtle and their are no forests.  There are
an abundance of Joshua Trees and some even identify some of the groups as a forest.  The are unique in their height, growth, and leaf structure, but they can not compare to the Maples of the Northeast.

My dear Grandchildren often would send pressed leaves understanding my appreciation of colors.  They are young adults now and attention to such  tasks are gone.  I have replaced the ironed leaves trapped in wax paper with my machine embroidery designs of leaves and feathers.  The creative process of embellishments is the greatest enjoyment!

Most of the embroidery free standing lace designs are from Urban Threads.  The feathers are also from this awesome website.



Sunday, October 6, 2013

Storytelling - Sharing our Life Stories

I am interested in creating a Storytelling Group.  I would like information from others that have started a group or participated in a Storytelling Group.

 For over 20 years I walked the narrow corridors, rode creaky elevators, wandered through dusky basements called the ER, and all the time carrying personal tools of medicine. These were very special instruments that not only identified me, but calmed my thunderous soul as I made my hospital rounds as charge nurse in a large medical hospital.

 -----With age comes accumulated experiences of human kind, seasoned with animals, and the whispers of the little folks....I want to share this wisdom with others and hear their hearts song.

......Perhaps I have fallen in the rabbit hole to discover new tools and different instruments for my next journey?

So please allow me to share my Life Quote:

" An unexpected encounter may connect one more firmly with the meaning of life..."

Are there treasures to be discovered as I turn to walk this path?

Remember Clotheslines?  The fresh fragrance of sun and wind in the fabric?  The frozen sheets in early Winter....A story filled with toil and truths.  A true experience!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I have neglected my Blog since I became involved with Facebook!  I have  journeyed through many events since my last posting.  Art and Creativity have been a strong influence along this path.  I intend to maintain an artistic presence on this Blog.  Many friends have shared their beautiful work with me.  I too have continued to accomplish some creative pieces.  This collective treasure well documents my "threads" of life.  I do want to maintain the patterns that have emerged; the texture of my life, and the colors of my happiness.

I look forward to beginning again to document through Art my at a time in the compositions life offers.  I have always been grateful for the beautiful vintage fabric, lace, old jars of buttons, beautiful papers, and additional embellishments that I have accrued along my way.  A dear friend called these findings, "Street Trash."  Well, "One person's junk is another woman's treasure."

Do join me often and document my way with your sharing comments and interests.  All contributions welcome including your art.  Happy Trails to US!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Niece is turning 15 an is an avid horse-woman.  I used a beautiful Asian Horse design from Susa Glenn Designs.  The fabric is from eQuilter featuring ancient Samurai, swords and Asian symbols.  To complete the Skrappysak I used a design from Red Moon Garden an Asian symbol for Horse!  I like creating with machine embroidery and personalizing gifts. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Natural Disasters!

I am so honored to join many artists that have shared their talent and art expressions with the many people throughout the world that have been touched by this past year's natural disasters. 

Birmingham, Alabama was touched by a tornado in late April.  I have two long-time friends that live close to this city.  Fortunately, they were not injured by this horrendous storm.

Last week a tornado touched down in Springfield, Massachusetts.  My Niece lives on a street that was destroyed.  Fortunately, Her family survived without physical injuries. Their home received some destruction, but they are doing fine. 

Early Spring, earthquakes brought devastation to two other areas of the world.

Early morning of February 22  in New Zealand an earthquake struck an area known as Christchurch. The earthquake caused widespread damage across Christchurch, especially in the central city and eastern suburbs, with damage exacerbated by buildings and infrastructure already being weakened by the 4 September earthquake and its aftershocks.

The evening of March 11, my husband and I watched with much anguish as the tsunami devastated the coast of Japan.  How horrifying to watch in real time the destruction of peoples' lives.The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan, leaving thousands of people confirmed dead, injured or missing, and millions more affected by lack of electricity, water and transportation.  

As an artist, I realized there was something more personal I could do.  Artists'  groups began forming caring circles.  The quality and quantity of the art projects that developed has been so impressive. Sophisticated projects included beautifully constructed quilts.  I discovered hundreds of  hand-made quilts created and shipped to those that had lost everything.  Other projects included comfort dolls, prayer pillows, angel projects, and other  art forms for sharing. Large packages of art items have been shipped to many.

I am so impressed by the work of so many.  I contribute handmade cards, angels, hearts, and I-Love-You magnets.  What a great feeling to imagine a small art expression held tenderly in the hand of a stranger in New Zealand, Japan, Birmingham, or in Springfield...isn't that what art is all about....